Living on the Road

Your home is where you are


Posted on Nov 18, 2010 10:09:58 AM

If you’re like me you are counting the days until you can hit the open road for months on end. But until that time, there’s a lot of research and planning that needs to take place. And what better way to research about RVing than to tap into some wonderful reference material already out there. Following are some great books to not only keep the dream alive, but to make sure it’s a well-prepared for one when it finally happens!The RV Book (Mark J. Polk) is a personal guide to understanding and enjoying your RV. RV Expert Mark Polk turns complex into easy, making your experiences safe, fun and stress free. The RV Book was written to help make all of your RV experiences safe, fun and stress free. We purchase RV s so we can travel to new destinations, relax and build lasting memories with our family and friends. We want to get away from work, the phone calls and other day-to-day hassles. RV s give us the freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want. But, nothing will ruin a trip or a vacation quicker than not understanding how to properly use and maintain your RV.The RV Handbook: Essential How-to Guide for the RV Owner (Bill Estes) is for all types of RV enthusiasts – from a first-time buyer or renter to the most seasoned RV traveler. Packed with valuable information, checklists, photos, and charts, the guide tells you how to: buy an RV; avoid the single most common mistake novice RVers make; select a towing vehicle; avoid RV repair scams; benefit from technical trends in RV manufacturing; correct the bad towing habit that plagues even experienced RVers; and prevent explosive propane situations. With hundreds of proven RV tips, tricks, and techniques, this expanded handbook tells how to buy, maintain, and optimize RVs, saving both money and time.Camping and RVing with Dogs: The Complete Reference for Dog-Loving Campers and RVers (Jack and Julee Meltzer) is written for the millions of families who take their dogs camping each year, you need the information found in this book which include eight steps you can take to make sure your dog never gets lost; fun activities for campers and RVers with dogs; five easy tricks for finding campgrounds and RV parks that really like dogs; how to prepare your vehicle or your RV for campground life with a dog; how to tackle a medical emergency involving your dog; exciting new places and unforeseen risks ten proven tricks for keeping your dog safe no matter where you go; and secrets for keeping your dog cool during the dog days of summer.Trailer Life RV Parks, Campgrounds and Service Directory 2010 (Trailer Life Enterprises) is known simply as “the bible” among RVers, this exhaustive reference contains over 11,000 detailed listings for parks, service centers, and attractions. Compiled by the experts at Trailer Life, it rates each park with their exclusive triple rating system for everything from cleanliness and amenities to visual appeal. This edition fully embraces the Internet age, with handy charts showing which parks offer Internet and Wi-Fi access and those that accept online reservations. Other helpful features include phone numbers for up-to-the-minute traffic and weather conditions in each state and province, free dump site locations, and more than 70 full color digital maps complete with bridge, ferry, tunnel, and toll information. The guide also covers the rules of the road and towing laws for each state. No matter how far-flung the destination, the Trailer Life Directory 2010 ensures that travelers are never lost, in danger, or unprepared for what lies ahead.